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Comics Club - End of the Year Club.


If you follow any of us on Twitter or elsewhere you will know that this blog is run by a Comics Club that gathers at Chaos City Comics in St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK every week. We shoot the shit about comics and the like and every few weeks road trip to conventions, comics marts and other great comics venues.

We decided this year to take a poll with our 'Big Four' members.

Here are the results.  The only one we had to agree on was the 'Hall of Fame' (at the bottom). 

This year was such a great year for comics quality and hopefully we picked a few from all areas.

Our voting panel compised of 

Professor Riptide @Ezohyez
Marc Laming @monkey_marc
Alex Martin @martin_alex_d
and Statham lookalike Matt Harrower @hp_matt

Well done to all the winners. No prizes, but if you want to come to Comics Club at noon on a Saturday we will give you a chinese burn (and that's a promise!)

Professor Riptide.

Best comic - Fury Max. (Runner Up -  Winter Soldier).

New Comic - Velvet (Image Comics). 

Best Mini series - Kings Watch ( Runner Up -  Hawken).

Best Anthology - Savage Sword of Conan. 

Best book containing historic content - Leo's  Antares from Cinebooks. ( Runner up - The reprinting of Perez and Byrne's Avengers - Essential 9). 

Best art book or similar - Joe Kubert presents (DC Comics) tied with Kamandi hardback reprints (love that paper stock).

Fav writer - Pat Mills (the guvnor!). (Runner up - Garth Ennis.)

Fav new writer - Cullen Bunn. (well he was new to the Prof anyway!)

Fav artist - Marc Laming (Runner up - Goran Parlov.)

Best Inker - Klaus Janson. (Runner Up -  Dexter Vines for making Ed McGuiness almost detailed).

Best colour - Jordan Boyd (Kings Watch). (Runner Up - Jordie Bellaire - best part of Pretty Deadly for the Prof).

Best cover - Doc Savage issue 1 from Alex Ross (a late entry but shit how good did that look!).    (Runner Up - All New X-Men 18 by Brandon Peterson).

Best Publisher - Marvel. ( Runner Up - Dynamite).

Comics non comics event - The Wolverine movie (Runner Up - Thor 2).

Best Podcast - Non Canonical. (Honourable mentions - Wordballoon. and The Nerdist Writers Comics Panel).

Best event - ThoughtBubble ( Big 4 of Comics Club on tour - what could be better).

Best thing to happen to comics - (Fuck you - this has been a great comics year for me and I intend to mention it). 

Being thanked in a comic from Dynamite. 
Getting to meet the 11 o'clock Comics guys and getting a shout out on their podcast. 
Meeting the Orbiting Pod guys and getting a shout out. 
Spending the best of times with Comics Club.
NYCC with my new favourite couple Rachel and Jess Deering! 

Getting to spend time chatting to one of the best writers out there Pat Mills.

Worst thing to happen - DC in general, the move and handing it over to a team that seem to be making it the new Image of the 1990s! (Runner Up - Alan Moore's inability to grasp how good comics are these days - really wish he would just shut up!).

Rising Star - Will Sliney and Christian Wildgoose (tied for first).

Marc Laming.

Best Comic - Rachel Rising and Daredevil.

Best New Comic - Black Science, All New X-Men and Sheltered.

Best Original Graphic Novel - The Fifth Beatle.

Best Mini Series - Daredevil: End of Days and Fury Max.

Best Anthology - Cataclysm.

Best collected edition with historic content - Barry Smith's - Red Nails - Genesis West / Best of EC Artist's Edition (IDW).

Best Art Book or similar - Woodwork - Wallace Wood (IDW).

Best writer - Jeff Parker.

Best Artist - Chris Samnee / Andrew Robinson / Goran Parlov.

Best Inker - Bill Sienkiewicz.

Best Colourist - Jordan Boyd.

Best Cover - Black Science #1. Hit #1-3.

Best mum - Mine!

Best Publisher - Dark Horse.

Best non comics/comics event - dunnow.

Best Event - Thought Bubble Leeds 2013 / NYCC 2013.

Best thing to happen to comics - Marvel Now and Comics Club (tie).

Worst thing to happen to comics - That the New 52 is still going and going and going.

Rising Star - Robbi Rodriguez and Michael Walsh.

Matt Harrower.

Best Comic - Indestructible Hulk.

Best mini series - Sheltered / Kings Watch / Shaolin Cowboy.

Best anthology - Batman: Black and White.

Best Art book - Jim Mahfood 'Visual Funk.'

Best writer - Terry Moore.

Best artist - Mateo Scalera, Warwick J Cadwell, Jim Mahfood, Johnnie Christmas, Dan McDaid and Marc Laming.

Best Colourist - Jordan Boyd and Shari Chankkhamma.

Best cover - Sheltered issue 4, Everybody Loves Tank Girl issue 3, Solid State Tank Girl issue 1 and Kings Watch issue 1.

Best mum - Jason Statham's, she gave birth and raised the ultimate killing machine warrior!!!

Best publisher - Image.

Best non comics / comics event - Pacific Rim, Filth, Walking Dead Season 4, and Sons of Anarchy Season 6.

Best Event - Thought Bubble Leeds 2013!

Worst thing to happen to comics - Damsels from Dynamite! Just woeful, woeful horrible wank filled garbage!!!

Rising Star - Christian Wildgoose and Jeff Stokely.

Alex Martin.

Best ongoing - Thor: God of Thunder.

Best new series - East of West.

Best mini series - End of days.

Best Anthology - A1 from Titan Comics.

Best collected edition with historical content - Essential Inhumans.

Best art book or similar - Moebius Collection.

Best writer - Mark Waid.

Best artist - Esad Ribic.

Best inker - Gaudiano.

Best colourist - James Stokoe.

Best cover - End of Days.

Best mum - Saga.

Best publisher - Titan.

Best non comics comics event - The Wolverine (movie).

Best comics related event - Thought Bubble.

Best thing to happen to comics - Marvel Editorial.

Most disappointing moment of 2013 - DC incompetence to relate.

Rising star - Marc Laming and Jeff Stokely.

Hall of Honour.

Jean Giraud aka Moebius.

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